Descending the Peak

I launched Vagabond Peak many years ago as a personal blog/whatever the heck I felt like. At the time the name made sense as I lived in a mountainous region and it was used primarily to keep in touch with close friends and family.  Eventually it morphed into a site specifically about comics and nerdy things with a larger (though not much) audience, but the name remained.  These days the name no longer really means anything to the people who visit the site, and it is time to resolve that little issue.

As of January 1st I launched a new site from the ground up:  The name comes from the term “legacy hero”, and is generally applied to comic heroes although there are a few non-comic legacy heroes.  I feel the identity is a bit clearer and is a better description of what the site is about.  I already have a few articles up, and more that will be ready soon.

Vagabond Peak will remain in operation for a while yet and the links will remain active.  I will begin porting over select content to Heroic Legacy in the future, but for the time being all content is unique to Vagabond Peak.  No new content will come to Vagabond Peak, however, and it will all be at Heroic Legacy.  Eventually, probably in about a year, Vagabond Peak will redirect directly to Heroic Legacy and no longer be functional.

Thank you to all of you have visited the site, and I hope you find Heroic Legacy to be a site worthy of your time.  I will continue to contribute to and until such time as they are sick of my precense, as well.

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