Pull List for 23 September 2015

Star Wars: Kanan #6

Oh, so here at last is the deadzone of comics I have been expecting all month.  A paltry two books will be coming home with me this week, which makes it perfect for some backlog catchup work I think.  And without further ado, here they are:

Image Comics
Rocket Girl #8 – The second arc has not been quite as enjoyable as the first, but it has some good ideas.  I am hoping that it starts pulling them together a bit more this issue.

Star Wars Comics
Kanan: The Last Padawan #6 – This is the bridge issue that takes place in the regular Rebels timeline before we jump even further back in time next issue.  This also completes the first tradepaperback, I believe, so I am thinking that I will push forward with a re-read of the series so far this week.  Any fan of Rebels should be reading this.

And that is that.  A light, but hopefully enjoyable, week of sci-fi adventure.

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