Pull List for 16 September 2015

Infinity Gauntlet #4

I thought five-week months were supposed to be light?  This certainly is not that by any stretch, and my wallet cries.   As always you can check out my pull list on the League of Comic Geeks site, and it also shows my ratings for the books I read each week.

Marvel Comics
Age of Apocalypse #4 – The penultimate issue of the series, with the finale coming a bit over a month from now.  I have to admit I have largely lost track of the story at this point, but at least it has been entertaining.  The return to something close to what the Age of Apocalypse was back in the 90s has been refreshing and amusing, and I will be sad to see it go next month.

Guardians of Knowhere #4 – This series comes to a merciful close.  The art continues to drive the series, but the writing is so lopsided it makes me dizzy.  Issue 3 was actually pretty solid, though, so I am hoping this series ends on a high note.

Infinity Gauntlet #4 – Now here is a cosmic story that is more like it.  With one issue to go after this the fight is starting to really heat up, and the mystery of Thanos’ plan continues to be intriguing.  This is one of the titles that seems to be sliding under the radar in this bloated crossover, but it is worth checking out.

DC Comics
Robin: Son of Batman #4 – After last issue’s odd team-up between Robin and Nobody we will apparently be entertaining Deathstroke for an issue.  As a fan of the character I am definitely interested to see how this one plays out, and even more so since Robin appears to be wielding a gun on the cover.

Tokyo Ghost #1 CoverImage Comics
Rat Queens #12 – I am still behind on this series, so I may not get to this one right away.  It is high on my list of books to clear the backlog on, though, and hopefully this weekend will afford me that opportunity.  The sheer number of books out this week suggests that may not happen, though.

Tokyo Ghost #1 – I know very little about this title, but the cover reminds me of Akira and I am willing to give anything by Rick Remender a shot (even if Black Science didn’t grab me).  Artist Sean Murphy’s style has been hit and miss for me, but this does seem like the kind of story he would excel at.  I am tepidly cautious about this title, but hopeful that it will grab hold of my imagination.

Dark Horse Comics
Usagi Yojimbo #148 – Ah, the samurai book that just will not end.  Stan Sakai continues to amaze me with his work, and now that Usagi is back in full swing I am eager to read more of the rabbit ronin’s adventures every month.

Oni Comics
Kaijumax #6 – The final issue of the ‘season’ should round out a lot of plot threads.  I have been reading the issues as they came out, but I think a full read of all six would be time well spent.  This one needs more attention.

Star Wars Comics
Lando #4 – Things really heated up last issue with the running fight between the twins and the Imperial guards, and I doubt it will calm down much this month.  For a series that was not that high on my wish list, even with the Star Wars logo sticking on it, this one has been consistently impressive.  Definitely going to be near the top of the read pile this week.

Star Wars #9 – There were a lot of questions leftover after last month’s issue (most notably: why does Luke keep losing his lightsaber?), and few answers.  Hopefully we’ll get around to a few of those this month, and specifically learn more about this woman claiming to be Han’s wife.  She seems rather unbalanced, and quite possibly in a very entertaining way.

And that wraps up the week.  I had a few others I was taking a look at while going through the new comics list, but with such a heavy week on my plate I had to cut back on the experiments this week.  Maybe next week will be gentler.

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