Pull List for 2 September 2015

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3

After a few weeks of light reading (and a break for my wallet) September decides to get started with a bank-destroying bang.  That is especially impressive when you consider it is the start of a five week comic month, which are typically a bit lighter week-to-week than the usual four week comic month.  As always you can check out my pull list on the League of Comic Geeks site, and it also shows my ratings for the books I read each week.

Marvel Comics
Age of Apocalypse #3 – The penultimate issue of the series pushes us yet closer to a battle between Magneto and Apocalypse, and hopefully it will be as entertaining as the last time we saw this fight way back in Age of Apocalypse: Omega from the original crossover.  It still gets a bit hamstrung by the art, though.

Groot #4 – After last issue’s pseudo-crossover with Silver  Surfer we are back on track with Groot trying to hunt down a missing Rocket Raccoon.  This has been a bit of a trippy series so far, and it looks like that will continue on again with issue four.

Mockingbird #1 CoverSHIELD 50th Anniversary: Mockingbird #1 – This is an interesting title, to be sure.  It is supposed to introduce us to the Red Widow — obviously a counterpart to Black Widow — while also setting up a young adult book set to release later this year, Black Widow: Forever Red.  It is curious to see Mockingbird being used to setup a Black Widow story, but I guess they are hoping to springboard Mockingbird a bit more into the spotlight these days.  She certainly is coming into her own on the TV show Agents of SHIELD, and rumors that she is set to star in a spin-off have resurfaced yet again.  Whether it leads anywhere is another matter entirely, but it will be interesting to see what Marvel plans with this book.  There’s an interesting disconnect here, though, when you realize that the 32-page comic is more than half the price of the hardcover edition of the 400+ page novel it is setting up.  Granted this one will have pretty pictures, but it does illustrate why people are having a harder and harder time dealing with the rising cost of monthly books.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3 – I never did get around to posting thoughts on issue #2, but it was a great issue nonetheless.  I increasingly wish that Sam Humphries would take over on Guardians of the Galaxy/Guardians of Knowhere, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon.  His tone with the characters maybe a bit different from what was established during the Annihilation Saga arcs, but at least they are entertaining.

"Green Arrow #44" CoverDC Comics
Green Arrow #44 – This book is, sadly, on its last legs with me.  The last arc was something of a train wreck involving some heavy-handed attempts at trying to comment on the nature of police states, and missing the mark pretty spectacularly.  It’s like someone wanted to remake Robocop with the designs from the Matrix sequels, but could only get a job on Green Arrow and tried to force it into a story for that.  Either way, it was a mess.  Now we have an issue focused on Arrow’s new companion wolf (which is totally not stolen from Hawkeye’s pizza dog…), which is going to be a make or break issue for me.  Thankfully the art remains pretty.

Boom Studios
Third Witch #1 – It is no secret that Macbeth is one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, and so a new telling of the story from the perspective of the three witches has my attention.  I know little more about it than that, but the writer has gotten a decent amount of praise for their work on Transformers (a franchise I know virtually nothing about), so there is that.  The preview art is pretty, certainly, and so my hopes are relatively high for this.

Image Comics
Plutona #1 – I have absolutely no idea what this series is about, but I do know it is by writer Jeff Lemire.  His runs on Green Arrow and Hawkeye were both phenomenal, and that alone will give me enough of a push to give his new series a try.

We Stand On Guard #3 – Brian Vaughan’s and Steve Skorce’s Canadian war epic continues, and if it is anything like the previous issues it will be an action-packed blast.  This is number one on my “most wanted” list this week.

And that wraps up the week.  These comics will be available at Comixology and your local comic shop, as well as on your Kindle.

Kindle Pre-orders:
Age of Apocalypse #3
Groot #4
Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3

Green Arrow #44

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