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Hello Internet, this is a simple introduction to Vagabondpeak.com, my latest attempt at reviewing comics and comics-related pop culture.  I am a casual fan with a fairly in-depth knowledge of the past 30 or so years of Marvel and DC continuity, and follow the films and show of both companies fairly closely.  I say ‘casual’ in the previous sentence not in the sense that I only daly lightly in the various comics worlds (the existence of this site, and the remainder of that sentence pretty much contradict that immediately), but in the sense that I do not get rabidly obsessed over the continuity minutia and so forth which often characterizes pop culture fandom, for better and worse.  I prefer to enjoy my media rather than rant about it.

This site will mostly focus on reviews of collected edition comics (tradepaperbacks), and since I generally do not like to focus on negativity you will find most of what I write will be fairly positive.  There will be exceptions, especially during Big Event Season (which Marvel is currently in and DC has just finished, so you get to miss that for the better part of a year), but they will be rare.  This is not to say that I love everything I read and see nothing but beautiful rainbows when I read books and comics, but instead that I prefer to only talk about the things I do enjoy.  For instance, I am a big fan of Marvel’s cosmic line-up of books, and have been since Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning revitalized the line back during the Annihilation saga (which is fantastic and a ‘must-read’ for anyone who loved the Guardians of the Galaxy movie), but you will not hear me talk too much about the current Guardians of the Galaxy comic series since I find it to be rather terrible.  So, instead, you will probably hear about GrootLegendary Star-Lord (if it returns after the Secret Wars event) and things of that nature, which are comics I do actually enjoy.

I am still working out what my posting schedule will be, but I have a rough idea in mind.  I will also post thoughts on recent news as they come to me, but this will not be a news feature and I highly recommend checking out Newsarama or Comic Book Resources if that is what you are looking for.

You can follow me at the comics site League of Comicgeeks and on Twitter.  I have thus far managed to avoid getting on Facebook, and I probably will keep it that way for the time being.  You can also catch me on eBay, where I am often selling off comics and such that I no longer need (so that I can buy more comics and such that I will eventually no longer need).

(You will notice pages on this post that are older than this introduction.  These are just reviews I have written in the past for other websites (copied with permission) so I have some content while I start building new content in).

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